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Wallpaper for children with a world map - create a children's room of dreams with us!

Your child is interested in geography, is fond of animals, wants to explore the world? Show him how big the earth is and how many interesting animals live on it. Arrange a children's room with a great map!

The world map wallpaper with all continents and oceans inhabited by beautifully painted animals is one of the most interesting arrangement ideas for a child's room. This is a beautiful and practical geography lesson.

You can see all the continents, oceans and dozens of animal species where they come from. There is a crocodile, a fox, a hare, an octopus, a turtle, a lemur, a sheep, a parrot and others. The map on the wallpaper is an alternative to the popular maps of desk pads or purchased hanging maps.

Wallpaper with world map on taupe background will suit both a boy's and a girl's room.

Chcek wall map wallpaper in preschooler's room!


Children's wallpaper visualization - a perfect match to the interior

We adjust the wallpaper pattern to your wall - a visualization is made in accordance with the dimensions provided. You will gest the visualization by e-mail for approval.

We prepare framing or scaling to the size of your wall free of charge for the order. Do you want to re-arrange the graphics for your wall? Move any of the elements to another place? Write to us - we will prepare a quote for the graphic changes you expect.

What information do we need to prepare children's wallpaper print?

Each wall is different and will be furnished differently, that it is why it so important that your order is individually matched. Providing all information will improve implementation. When ordering, please provide as much information as possible: will the wallpaper be mounted on a surface with a slant? Is there a door or a window on the wall? Do you plan to put up any large pieces of furniture, e.g. a wardrobe, that could hide the pattern? We always recommend preparing, at least a working drawing, to use the maximum potential of the interior.

If it turns out that we do not have all the information and that the pattern needs to be corrected after the visualization has been prepared, it will be possible to charge an additional cost for the graphic designer.

How to calculate how much wallpaper for a child's room do you need?

The price of the wallpaper is for 1 m2 (= 1 pc). The wallpaper is printed to the size of the wall. Add the required number of m2 to the basket by multiplying the height of the wall by its width. When measuring the width and height of the surface on which the wallpaper will be laid, always take into account a 5 cm margin for both obtained dimensions.

Why should you include a margin in the dimensions of the kids wallpaper?

Adding a few centimeters to the height and width allows you to lay the wallpaper comfortably, avoiding surprise situations when the (popular) curvature of the walls can spoil the final effect. If you have a supply, you will be able to precisely match the wallpaper to the wall.


If your wall dimensions are 2.7 m (height) and 3.2 m (width), first add 5 cm to the height and width. Then multiply 2.75 cm (height with margin) x 3.25 (width with margin) = 8.94 m2. We always round up the result, which means that you need 9 m2. In this case, add 9 wallpaper to your cart.

Please provide the exact dimensions of the wall along with the reserve in the comment to the order.

Malumi wallpaper for a child's room - technical information

The wall on which we plan to stick the photo wallpaper must be clean, dry, slightly absorbent and properly prepared:

  • fresh wall - covered with plaster, drywall or other absorbent building materials must be primed with a special primer (or diluted wallpaper glue), min. 2 hours before application. Make sure that the primer soaks into the substrate and does not leave a layer on the surface that may weaken the adhesive;
  • a wall covered with paint - it should be washed with painter's soap, and in the case of a thick layer of paint (e.g. silicone, washable), rub with sandpaper (to increase the adhesion of the adhesive to the substrate) and degrease
  • wall covered with wallpaper - remove all layers of old wallpaper. If, after removing the wallpaper, any damage to the wall is noticeable, it should be repaired and then the entire wall should be primed.

Wallpapers for a child's room are made by hand in a small Malumi manufacture in Poland. They are prepared on a non-woven base. 

Malumi children's wallpapers are printed on large-format printers, with ecological, certified pigments.  In order for the received wallpapers to guarantee the highest print quality, we do not cut door and window openings or slants. 


Product characteristics

Pattern: Maps taupe

Fabric: non-woven base

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